Aluthgama is a coastal town in the Western Province of Sri Lanka. It’s 55 km away from Colombo along the Galle Road, next to the famous tourist town Bentota. This small busy market town is well known amongst the tourists for the attractive beach resorts and turtle hatchery.

Though small in size, Aluthgama town is full of exotic hotels, shops, and guesthouses. It is beautified with the white beaches all along the coast. Aluthgama is one of the best seaside holiday destinations in Sri Lanka. Appealing to a great variety of people, it is able to provide a satisfactory holiday for a wider range of budget. Also the distinctive locality of Aluthgama within the lagoon and the Indian Ocean supports cruises along the Maadu River and all kind of water sports like swimming, body surfing and diving.

The markets and shops are always busy with the local salesman marketing many local products such as souvenirs. Unlike the busy market, the beaches grant the quiet pleasant environment with a gentle breeze to lighten your minds. Almost all the hotels and resorts in Aluthgama have direct access to the beach from their premises as they are located along the Western coastal line. Therefore, ensuring a clear view of the sea and sunset for their lodgers.