As you move along the southern coastal way, you come to pass Ambalangoda after Balapitiya. This city is most famous for the traditional mask carving craft. But there are some beautiful beaches within its territory as well.

Other than mask carving, the skilled wood carvers of Ambalangoda produces furniture and other ornamental items with exquisite designs. You are sure to be able to pick just the right pieces of antiques you adore, right here.

Ambalangoda hosts the traditional southern dance performances that are an exceptional feature of many southern coastal cities. You will be able to watch the actual devil dances which were used since long way back to drive away illness that people believed are caused by devils.

You will find the villagers friendly and welcoming but, they won’t be so good in understanding your English. Therefore, it is best to inquire around through an acquaintance if you are really keen to see some real traditional dancing of southern Sri Lanka.

There is another exciting setting nearby, a must see if you enjoy water rides. Maadu River, a lake which moves around the area offers a boat ride which takes you between some small islands and mass curtains of Mangroves. Make sure you are accompanied by a competent guide. Referred by a responsible authority that deals with providing boat rides.