Located in the south-east extremity of the hill country of Uva Province, Badulla is 230 km away from Colombo towards the eastern slopes of the central hills. The town is 680 meters above the sea level and acts as a gateway to the eastern coast, enclosed by the Badulu Oya River and tea plantations.

The entire town of Badulla along with the routes which leads to it from major cities around it is scenic and impressive due to the prominent changes in geographical levels and climate. This is the reason why the city and its suburbs are highly recommended for eco tourists who can enjoy the wide range of bio diversity that is offered. Two well known tourist spots in the country, Horton Plains Park and the Knuckles Mountains are a few hours away from the city of Badulla.

Badulla is one of the oldest towns in Sri Lanka and very much involved in the history with a number of marks left by both Portuguese and British after their ruling eras. As Badulla town is over shadowed by the 2,016 meters high Namunukula Mountains, the Sinhalese princes and the British Empire had structured their bases and the administrative hubs here, making use of this geo creation. There are a few heritage sites like the ancient Muthiyangana Buddhist Temple, Dhowa Temple, Bogoda ancient wooden bridge and temple that can be located in and around Badulla, each of the places appealing well to all tourists.