Bandarawela is another popular town situated in the central mountains of Sri Lanka. It belongs to the Badulla District which is in the Uva Province and is about 200 km away from Colombo, along the Colombo-Badulla main route. Even though it is about 1300 m higher from the sea level, the coolness that remains with a lot of sun is quite pleasant for travelers.

As many of the Sri Lankan cities, Bandarawela also has its share in the proud Sri Lankan history which goes back to the time of the ancient king “Valabamba”. It is said that he reformed his troupes at Bandarawela to fight back a Chola king who invaded the capital of the kingdom Anuradhapura at that time. Later on during the time when the British ruled Sri Lanka, this town along with many others was converted into a Tea planting area. Bandarawela is still making a great contribution towards Tea production of the country.

There are many places of interest close by you could visit when you are in this beautiful city. The Dhowa Rock Temple is one, which is a Buddhist temple located about 6 km towards Badulla from the city. It has a standing Buddha statue carved on a rock face which has been left incomplete from the old days. Then there are the waterfalls; Diyaluma Ella and Ravana Ella, both a bit farther away from the city towards Ella town along the Colombo-Badulla road. Rawana Ella has got its name after a demon king called Ravana who is mentioned in the legendary Ramayanaya.

You will be able to find many beautiful places that providing accommodation for you to relax and enjoy the beauty of the area.