The provincial capital of the Eastern province, Batticaloa is surrounded by a large lagoon and is 303 km away from Colombo. Apart from the geographical locality of the city, there are a number of other attractions that inspire the tourists like Singing fish, preserved Dutch fort, fort Bastions etc.

Batticaloa is also known as the “Town of singing fish” as you can hear a musical vibration emanating from the Kalladi Waters during the moonlight nights within the period from April to September, which is clearly audible to the top of the long lagoon bridge. The greatly structured ancient Dutch fort with the emblem of the Dutch East Indian Company at its entrance is one of the main locations that attract tourists to this region. Accompanying the fort, there are other constructions such as the canon, fort Bastions on the four corners, several local government administrative offices and the monument stone for the original Dutch Church built in the mid 18th century.

Batticaloa is also famous for its beaches. Kalkudah and Passekudah are two of the best beaches in Sri Lanka and these can be found along the way to Batticaloa. The period between May to September are considered to be ideal for sun bathing, wind surfing and swimming within the coastal area as the sea is calm, clean and protected by corral reeves. The beach is adorned with coconut palms and consists of a diversity of coral reeves and tropical fishes of South Asia.