Habarana is a small town which is situated along the main road from Colombo to Trincomalee and Polonnaruwa and it belongs to the Anuradhapura District. It is about 173 km away from Colombo and is close to Sigiriya, which is renowned as the Eighth Wonder of the World. This town is famous for the large number of tourist hotels that are located there in order to provide accommodation and other comforts for the tourists who come there in scores.

The main tourist attractions at this town are the Habarana jungle and Kaudulla & Minneriya sanctuaries where there are a large number of Elephants; therefore it’s ideal for tourists who are looking for a thrilling safari experience. Elephant back riding is also available in Habarana city and can be easily arranged for those who would like to experience it.

The beauty of Habarana city hangs around the Habarana tank which is the center around which all other important sections of the city lies. For those who would like to do bird watching, Habarana tank is the best place to hang around to spot some rare local and migrant birds.