Horton Plains is a national park situated in the hill country that has to be reached through a city called Nuwara Eliya. The park is 200 km away from Colombo and 2,000 meters higher than the sea level. The climate in the region is much cooler and windy compared to the coastal region of Sri Lanka with an average annual temperature of 16 degrees.

Being the only national park in the hill country region, Horton Plains attracts a great majority of tourist. The World’s End is the most prominent feature of Horton Plains, which is an abrupt end at the peak of the park with a 700 to 1,000 sharp slope to the valley floor. This area acts as a catchment area for most of the major rivers of Sri Lanka while being attached to the country’s second and third highest mountains.

Horton Plains has a range of bio diversity with impressing birdlife seen along the way to the World’s End. Being an ideal location for birders, this place consists of Sri Lanka’s endemics such as Ceylon Hill White Eye, Ceylon Blue Magpie and Yellow eared Bulbul. The composition of the montane forest with a variety of trees reaching the same height due to the excessive rainfall and the cloud forest in the western slope impress eco tourists worldwide. A gentle walk of two to four hours would take you to the Little World’s End, which is another popular area within Horton Plains which falls 300 meters down, along with the Baker’s Fall.