Sri Lanka night safari to see loris“Slender Lorises (Loris) are a genus of Loris native to India and Sri Lanka. The Slender Loris spends most of its life in trees (arboreal), traveling along the top of branches with slow and precise movements. It is found in tropical rainforests, scrub forest, semi deciduous forest and swamps. The species have lifespans of 15 years and are nocturnal. Slender Lorises generally feed on insects, reptiles, shoots of plants and fruits. Locally, they are known as Unahapuluwa in Sri Lanka.

Loris at night in Sri LankaThe Red Slender Loris differs from its close relative the Grey Slender Loris in its frequent use of rapid arboreal locomotion. It forms small social groups, containing adults of both sexes as well as young animals. This species is among the most social of the nocturnal primates. During daylight hours the animals sleep in groups in branch tangles. Or they curl up on a branch with their heads between their legs. The groups also undertake mutual grooming and play at wrestling. The adults typically hunt separately during the night. They are primarily insectivorous but also eat bird eggs, berries, leaves, buds and occasionally invertebrates as well as geckos and lizards. To maximize protein and nutrient uptake they consume every part of their prey, including the scales and bones. They make nests out of leaves or find hollows of trees or a similar secure place to live in”.