Surfing & Windsurfing is a popular water sport among foreign tourists who visit the palm fringed pristine beaches of Sri Lanka. The most popular surfing beaches of the island are Hikkaduwa of the South Western coastal belt and Arugam Bay (which is an International surfing competition venue) of the Eastern coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Since the early 60’s, Sri Lanka has attracted surfers from all over the world. The windsurfing opportunities offered in Sri Lanka attracts amateur windsurfers as well as world class windsurfers participating in international windsurfing competitions.

Advantages of Windsurfing in Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lanka being a tropical island, the windsurfer does not need to wear protective clothing against the cold winds that might be encountered on the beaches. However, a protective coating of lotion would save your skin from the bright tropical sun when surfing the Indian Ocean.
  • Sri Lanka affords the opportunity to locate a windsurfing beach in line with the skill level of the windsurfing enthusiasts: from beginners to the Professional Windsurfer. The tranquil waters of the Bentota river or any of the coastal lagoons or Sri Lanka’s ancient vast irrigation reservoirs offer ample opportunities to every novice so that he / she would dare taking the challenge of the ocean.
  • Sri Lanka’s windsurfing tour packages offered by tour operators and wind surfing clubs are affordable in comparison to the major windsurfing destinations around the world.

Sri Lanka Windsurfer Support

For beginners of windsurfing, Bentota which is located along the south-western coastal belt offers windsurfing facilities, such as the hiring of boards and sails. The Club Intersport and Sunshine Watersports Centre are the main facilities that provide you with support. Sunshine Watersports Centre is the only VDWS (Association of German windsurfing and watersport schools) – certified surf school in the island providing the necessary training and professional certification.

Sri Lanka Windsurfing Season

Sri Lanka’s climate is such that the tropical island is hardly out of season for windsurfing. However, the main seasons are during November to April along the South western and Southern coastal belts and April to September along the Eastern coastal belt. The windsurfing clubs and hotels in these windsurfing beaches are always at hand to advise on strong currents and undertow whenever and wherever those exist.