About Ridiyagama Safari Park

Ridiyagama Safari Park is 500 acre safari park, zoo in Ridiyagama area of Hambantota District, Sri Lanka. The park is open to the public as of 28th May 2016.

It is the first ever Safari Park in Sri Lanka.

In 2008, construction work of park was started by the direction of The National Zoological Department of Sri Lanka.

Construction of the safari park began in 2008 with the expectation of tourism. Furthermore, the estimate cost for the project is 1.6 billion Sri Lankan rupees.


Safari Park divides into six zones. Carnivorous animals will be in 4 zones and herbivores animals will be in 2 zones. Meanwhile, carnivore animals such as lions, tigers and leopards will be in 2 zones of the carnivore section.

The first phase with the 35-acre African Lion Zone, 54-acre Sri Lanka Elephant Zone and 80 acres World Zone is open to the public.  Also African, Asian, Australian Zones and a small animal kingdom is under construction as the second phase.